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spyro is such a confronting colour….

(he is also transparent so u can make him sit on things)

colourful self-portrait


platonic love of my life + actually goddess aviswolf


roughish drawing of the aforementioned god i was tryin 2 draw?? i want it to look weirder but this is ok


break + shift

things i’ve been thinking about lately

  1. the ocean
  2. bruises
  3. this dog

omg im sorry this looks nothing like u but!! forest prince strideer!! 




What are you paying for? If it’s for an item that is physically being shipped to you, then by all means continue!
But if it is for digital art, please reconsider!


This means that paypal is expecting me to ship a physical item to you!
And the more times that I receive money for goods, and do not ship through them, the more it counts against me.
Too many and paypal can elect to hold my funds for thirty days every time I receive them, until it reevaluates my account.
Which means while the customer has their deserved art, I do not technically have money yet.

So PLEASE always send payment for digital art via SERVICES and not GOODS!


(you can get a refund if need be just as easily by selecting services as you can goods!)

Please read this!

Me and my demon, Daeadia Drugath! Representative of barren and lifeless land, Daeadia’s personality is equally as dry as the earth he’s made of.

As an abrasive, offensive, and hyper-masculine demon of violence, Daeadia and I tend not to get along. In order to fulfil our pact, Daeadia must find someone or something that can make his barren skin flourish, and I have to use his earth-and-nature-themed powers in order to provide shelter and safety for those in need (ideally coming in the form of a queer safehouse). 

I’ve seen a whole lot of really great entries in the tag!! Good luck 2 everyone!


hb this?? patchy multicoloured hair y/n?

ghost-boy fashion


HELP me decide: which hue should i use/??

sketch dump from my past few sketchbooks!

this took me way longer than it should have BUT here is the first proper look at my comics protagonist, Avery Tanner. over the course of drawing this her outfit + appearance has changed a lot, so this still isn’t 100% Avery, but it’s close enough! more characters + details to come (hopefully soon)